Sherwood Onyx Snorkel


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Sherwood has brought back the classic J"-style snorkel design for those who like a simple, yet functional no-nonsense snorkel. The Onyx has a professional matte black finish for that stealthy look. The Onyx has been designed for spear fishermen, free diving and is even great for Scuba with its corrugated lower tube that drops away from the face when switching from your snorkel to your Scuba regulator. The contoured tube hugs the divers head for perfect hydrodynamics and less drag. The Onyx has an easy to attach and detach snorkel keeper for attachment of the snorkel to your mask.


  • Sherwood Onyx Snorkel:
  • Classic J"-Style Snorkel Design
  • Simple, Yet Functional No-Nonsense Snorkel
  • Professional Matte Black Finish for Stealthy Look!
  • Designed for Spear Fishermen, Free Diving or Scuba
  • Corrugated Lower Tube Drops-Away from Face when Switching to Scuba Regulator
  • Contoured Tube Hugs Divers Head for Perfect Hydrodynamics and Less Drag
  • Easy-to-Attach and Detach Snorkel Keeper