About DiveCatalog.com

Our story

DiveCatalog is a scuba diving retailer that has been serving the scuba diving community since 2003.  We have evolved from being a dive light manufacturer to a full on dive center and an online dive shop which now represents over 20 brands and has over 3,000 unique products for sale. In 2019 we have processed over 20,000 orders serving thousands of divers in the US and we plan to continue to evolve and serve the scuba diving community.


Our Philosophy

We believe that the process of buying equipment should be as exciting and enjoyable as the dives we go on.  As a dive retailer we do that in several ways.  First, we work with some of the most reputable dive gear manufacturers around the world so you know that the gear you are getting is reliable.  Second, our website is designed to help you narrow down your search and provide you detailed product insights from the manufacturers and other users.  Third, our flexible shopping policies are created to give you a peace of mind with easy returns and exchanges.  Fourth, our prices are competitive, offer exclusive deals, and will beat just about anybody's prices.  And finally, we have a wide distribution network to help you quickly receive your order in 1-3 days.   

As divers, we are lucky to be a small population of the world who get to experience the beauty and wonders of the underwater world.  Ultimately we want to you to enjoy your passion for scuba diving and share our love for our ocean not only within the scuba diving community, but encourage non-divers to try out the sport while showing them why we should care for our planet and our ocean.  


Our History

Here's a timeline of what we have accomplished since 2003.


Nocturnal Lights was established to bring high end HID and LED dive lights to technical divers and underwater and videographers.  


ShootingUnderwater was established to help our customers with all of their underwater camera needs. 


DiveCatalog.com was established to serve all divers and underwater photographers.


Wet Dog Scuba was set up as a dive center in Orange County, offering certifications, tank fills, rentals, and classes.


We had consolidated all for the previous businesses to better serve our customers.


We are preparing a new site to help adding more value to the scuba diving community.