Dive Catalog Rewards Program Guide

The Dive Catalog Rewards Program is designed to give our customers even more value when shopping on our official website. We understand that choosing your Scuba diving gear takes alot of research, effort, and money. With our Rewards program, you can earn points and use them to redeem discount codes, free shipping, or store credit. Below is a step-by-step guide that will help you understand how best to use this Rewards Program to your advantage.

When we designed the Rewards Program, we wanted to make it as user-friendly as possible for all our customers. So there's no need to bust out your notepads or calculators. The rules are simple: for every $1 you spend on our official website, you get 1 point in return. Easy as that! 

1.The Rewards Program Widget 

Located on the bottom left of your screen, the Rewards Program widget will show you your current Points Balance, what rewards you can claim and how you can earn more points. Our personal favorite is the Fixed Amount Discount, where you can claim a $10 coupon for just 250 points!

Note that it is not possible to stack discount codes or promos. All codes (unless stated otherwise) are only redeemable one time per customer.


2. The Rewards Program Tab (Under My Account) 

3.The Rewards Program Main Page

On the Rewards Program Main Page, you can see the Rewards that you can redeem (or are close to redeeming), how to earn points, your point history, and an FAQ tab. If you have a reward that is available for use, a red "Copy" button will be enabled.  When a reward is redeemable, the red 'Redeem' button will be enabled. 


4. Rewards Program How to Earn Points Page


5.Rewards Program Points History

In case you need to check when your points were credited and what actions you've already taken, you can click over to the History tab to see exact actions, dates, and number of points.


6. Wishlist Feature

The best part about the feature is that you can share your wishlist to your social media channels (and will earn points in doing so!). If you have a birthday or a special occasion coming up, your family and friends can easily check out your wishlist and purchase a gift for you.


7.Live Chat Feature

Though this is technically not part of the Rewards Program, you might be feeling the same way with us whenever we are frustrated; that we just want to talk to a human. We totally get it and are here to help!

On our main page, there is a Live Chat feature on the bottom right page. Simply click it, fill in the information requested and a helpful Dive Catalog representative will help you navigate any issue on the site.

1. The Rewards Program Widget


2.The Rewards Program Tab (Under My Account)

For easier access, you can check the 'Rewards' tab under your Account on the top right portion of the page. This will take you to a dedicated interface just for your Rewards Program information.


3. Rewards Program Main Page


4.The Rewards Program How to Earn Points Page

On this page, you will see the various ways you can earn points besides making a purchase on the website. Actions like leaving a review, asking a question on a product page, and following us on social media channels will help get you closer to the amount needed to redeem a reward.

Underneath is your referral link. If friends make purchases on our website using your referral link, you and your friend will get $5 each. 


5. Rewards Program Points History


6.Wishlist Feature

We know that there are ALOT of products on our website and with many more that are being uploaded every day. So we added a Wishlist feature for you to save all the gear that your heart desires. 


7. Live Chat Feature

And there you have it! Now, you are an expert on the Dive Catalog Rewards Program. We hope that this guide helps you navigate any issues you might encounter while exploring the new features on the website. If your issue hasn't been resolved, feel free to use the live chat or email us at support@divecatalog.com.