Akona Maverick Roller Duffel Scuba Diving Travel Bag

The Maverick is the Rolls Royce of Roller Duffel Bags. This Bag is an Anomaly. How can something So-Big, So-Stable, So-Rock-Solid, Be-So-Light? This Beast of a Bag offers a Massive Center Compartment with a Large Zippered U-Shape Opening for Packing and Unpacking Ease. The Reinforced Corners and Coated 600-D Polyester Fabrics were Selected-with-Dive-Travel-in-Mind. Standing in Lines, No Problem, Baggage-Handlers No-Problem, and Luggage Carousels still No Problem. Maneuvering a Busy Airport or Bus Terminal is Made-Easy with the Heavy Duty Replaceable Wheels and Stainless Steel Axles, along with the Telescoping Trolley-Handle. When you need to Lift-the-Bag at Check-In or from a Baggage Carousel, AKONA has you covered with the Top and Hard-Plastic Bottom Grab Handles. The Reinforced Sides and Base are sure to provide a Stable and Strong-Home for your Equipment and the Buttressed Base Design to Support Standing the Bag is great when you need to Pull-Out your Ticket or Passport. The Maverick measures (H x L x W) 14" x 31" x 14" (35.6cm x 78.7cm x 35.6cm) with a volume of 6,076 cubic inches (99.57 liters) and weighs 9 lbs. 6oz (4.25kg) when empty. Like all AKONA Bags the Maverick Roller Duffel Bag is covered by a 24 month limited warranty.