Bare 4 MM HD Vulcanized Neoprene Drysuit Diving Boots

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Size: 9
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Repair, Replace, or upgrade your old worn out drysuit boots with the HD Vulcanized Neoprene Boots. Can be used on any type of drysuit that will accept a neoprene sealing surface (which can be done on most suits with Aqua Seal or Neoprene Cement).


  • 4mm high-density neoprene maintains consistent thermal protection at varying depths keeping you warm regardless of your dive profile.
  • Vulcanized rubber covers the entire boot up to the ankle.
  • Integrated fin tab to prevent fins strap from slipping off boot.
  • Extra (Vulcanized Rubber) reinforcement on the toe, heel cap, and sole; which improves the overall durability, protection and comfort of the boot.
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