Bare Antares Oval Dry Glove Kit Drysuit Accessory


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Slim, comfortable and ergonomic is what the BARE/SI TECH Antares dry glove system is. Ergonomic design using oval rings resulting in minimal volume that follows the arm, wrist and hand anatomy feeling like a natural component on the dry suit. The Antares oval dry glove system does not have any external details for a connection and locking procedure. This is a major reason for its success in reducing the outer volume of the system. Double O-rings keep the oval glove ring in place and ensures that the system is not leaking. A latch arm on either side of the oval glove ring engages in a locking groove on each side of the oval stiff ring. The guide grooves in the oval stiff ring are also designed to facilitate removal of the oval glove ring. Dry glove system is covered by a 12 month limited warranty.

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