Bare Latex Neckseal Drysuit Accessory

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Size: XS
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When your neck seal wares out your suit will leak like a sieve, a dry-suit is supposed to keep you dry, not get you wet. This neck seal, which is Trim-able to accommodate your neck size, can bring new and longer life to you dry-suit. The neck seal is made from durable Latex rubber for strength and durability. Neck seal can be used as a replacement for a damaged or worn Latex seal or to switch from a neoprene seal to latex. Neck seal can be used on the following Bare Dry Suits: Bare NEX-GEN Pro Dry Suit, and Bare Ultra Dry Suit (See SKU's: BRENGPD and BREUD)


  • Replacement seal to ensure warmth and keep your suit working better.
  • Trim-Able Neck Seal to personalize and fit your neck.
  • Switch Neoprene Seal to Latex.
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