Big Blue

Big Blue VTL15000P- VL15000P (15000 Lumens) Underwater Video Light

The Big Blue VL15000P provides a Whopping FIFTEEN THOUSAND LUMENS! Also known as the Chubby, the Newest Powerhouse in the Big Blue Line of Photo/Video products is the VL15000P. This Light is Full-of-Great Features including: 1) Self-Contained with Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack, 2) Batteries and Charger Included with an Easy-to-Access Battery Pack, 3) Beam Angle of 160° Degree, 4) Push-Button On/Off Switching System with 4-Power Output Settings and an SOS Function, 5) A Built-In Red LED Setting with 10 XPE LED's, 6) A Standard 1 (2.5cm) Ball Joint for Easy Mounting to Any-Camera System, and 7) A 36- XML LED Cell Design giving a stunning 15,000 Lumens! The VL15000P has 4 Levels of Output from 1500 Lumens, at Level-l, 3750 Lumens at Level-ll, 7500 Lumens at Level-lll and 15000 Lumens at Level lV. The Out-Put in the RED LED Mode is 1000 Lumens. The VL15000P is powered by a Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack and provides a Burn Time of 1 Hours at Level-lV, 2 Hours at Level-lll, 4 Hours at Level-ll and 10 Hours at Level-l. The VL15000P has a Color Temperature of 6500K with a Tempered Optical Glass Front Lens. The Case Material is an Aluminum Alloy that is Anti-Corrosion Anodized and is sealed by a Double O-Ring for Safety. This powerful light is Depth Rated to 330' (100 meters). The VL15000P measures (L x D) 5.98 x 4.25 (152mm x 108mm), weighs 81.1oz (2300g) in air with battery and is negatively buoyant underwater at -33.16oz (-940g)