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Cressi Men's Travelight Jacket Style Weight Integrated BCD


210 denier nylon material, rubbery material (rear). 2 zip up pockets for accessories. 2 rear weight pockets. Soft, padded back, with double strap for fixing the tank. D-rings and rings in light alloy. Three discharge and pressure valves. Rear release valve with control brought to the front. FAST system for folding and compacting the BC. Velcro strap, closed in a lower zip up pocket for packing the BC. Sizes from XS to XL. Buoyancy kg: 6.1 kg (XS), 8.2 kg (S), 9.2 kg (M), 13.3 kg (L) 16.3 kg (XL). Buoyancy in Newton: 60 N (XS), 80 N 8S), 90 N (M), 130 N (L), 160 N (XL). Buoyancy Lbs: 13.5 (XS), 18.0 Lbs (S), 20.2 Lbs (M), 29.2 Lbs (L), 36.0 Lbs (XL). Weight: 2.300 kg (XS), 2.400 kg (S), 2.500 kg (M), 2:600 kg (L) 2.800 kg (XL). Travelight can be folded up in just a few seconds and fastened with a special retractable strap so that it can be stowed easily in its own carrying bag, which has a shoulder strap. Travelight's very light structure and its anatomical shape make it a very tight-fitting and streamlined jacket once underwater and it offers very little resistance to forward movement. Great for traveling divers who do not want to sacrifice quality or structure.