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Fantasea Line EyeDaptor F Series (F67) for FG7X, FG16, FG15, FP7100 and FP7000 Housings


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The Fantasea Line EyeDaptor F Seriesenables mounting any 67mm threaded accessory lenses and filters on the FG16, FG15, FP7100 and FP7000 Housings (for Canon PowerShot G16, Powershot G15, Nikon Coolpix P7100 & Nikon Coolpix P7000). It is especially designed to allow mounting the SharpEye Macro Lens M67 on the FG15/FP7100/FP7000 Housing lens port (results with a slight vignette which can be easily solved by zooming in with the camera lens). The RedEye Insert included with the RedEye Filter F Series and PinkEye Insert included with the PinkEye Filter F Series, color correction inserts can be installed inside a dedicated slot featured on the adaptor, thereby allowing to restore the colors absorbed by water while making use of 67mm lens accessories.

Mount 67mm Lens/Filter on HousingFor FP7000 / FP7100 / FG15 HousingDesigned for SharpEye Macro Lens M67Red/PinkEye Inserts Can Be Installed