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Fantasea Line Radiant 1000X Video And Dive Light


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The Fantasea Line Radiant 1000X Video And Dive Light is a compact and durable dive and video light, designed to enhance color and light in underwater videos and still images. Featuring a compact design and durable construction, the Radiant 1000X can be comfortably integrated into any underwater photo system, such as with GoPro and other action cams, amphibious cameras, compact digital housings and more. A battery power indicator light around the power switch enables easy monitoring of the battery power. The light makes use of 2 powerful LEDs, which provide an ultra bright, even and wide output. A wide beam angle of 120 degrees makes the Radiant 1000X suitable for lighting a wide range of compositions. Color temperature of the beam is warm and assists with producing vivid and colorful videos and still images without having to use any color correction filters. A 3-level adjustable power output allows you to control the intensity of the light for various compositions and diving conditions, as well as extending the burn time of the light (the batteries will provide power for a considerably longer time when the light is set at lower intensity settings such as 50% or 25%). The red light mode is perfect for sneaking up and focusing on shy creatures. The two flashing modes can serve for signaling purposes and SOS situations, providing a helpful burn time of over 8 hours in these modes (assuming the batteries are fully charged). Finally, a "memory" function will return the light to the same setting as previously used before the light was last turned off. Depth rated to 100 meters/330 feet, the Radiant 1000X Light fulfills the needs of both recreational and technical divers.

Depth ratio: 100 meters / 330 feetMaximum Output: 1000 lumensBeam Angle: 120 degreesMaterial: Aluminum head, Polycarbonate bodyBattery: 1 x 18650 Li-ion batteryBurn time: 60 minutes at 100% power LED Lifespan: 30,000 hoursC