Light & Motion 1/2 to 3/4 LocLine Adapter

Light & MotionSKU: 800-0203-A

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Mount the ultra-compact Sola lights with 1/2" Loc-Line Mount to larger 3/4" Loc-Line arms with this adapter.

Underwater shooters often prefer thicker 3/4³ Loc-Line arms on their housing instead of standard 1/2³ Loc-Line as its less likely to move in current or when using longer arms. This adapter allows compact Sola lights with Loc-Line mounts to securely attach to 3/4³ Loc-Line


  • 3/4³ to 1/2³ Loc-Line adapter only, user must have 3/4³ Loc-Line arms on housing and 1/2³ Loc-Line mount on light to be compatible with this accessory



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