Light & Motion Nightsea Flip3 Camera Filter

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Experience FLUORODIVING! Science has discovered Corals and Sea Life contain Fluorescent Proteins invisible to the naked eye that jump into view using High-Intensity Fluoro-Lights and Filters. With the Nightsea Flip 3 Camera Filter colors will jump into view! The filter is compatible with the GoPro Hero3 housing and will allow you to record fluoro-diving footage. This filter provides everything you need to experience the incredible natural fluorescence found in many Corals and other Sea Life seen on dives.

Easy to use flip mechanism for one finger on / off control. Simple installation with rugged clamp-on design, and filter will give an unobstructed view of front LCD display. Easy front camera button access with thick gloves and you can open the camera housing without removing filter. When using the filter there is no vignetting in any underwater shooting mode. Filter comes with mounting hardware and installation tool, is made from durable corrosion resistant materials and has a plastic filter element.


  • Light & Motion Nightsea Flip 3 Camera Filter
  • Experience FLUORODIVING!
  • High-Intensity Fluoro-Filter
  • Brings Out Corals and Sea Life Fluorescent Proteins
  • Colors Will Jump into View!
  • Durable Non Corrosive Plastic Filter Construction
  • Compatible with GoPro Hero3 Housing
  • Complete with Mounting Hardware and Installation Tool
  • Record Fluoro-Diving Footage
  • Easy to Use Flip Mechanism for One-Finger On/Off Control
  • Simple Installation with Rugged Clamp-On Design
  • Unobstructed View of Front LCD Display
  • Easy Front Camera Button Access
  • Open Camera Housing w/o Removing Filter
  • No Vignetting in Any Underwater Shooting Mode



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