Light & Motion Sola Charger 8.4V 2.0A (US)


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Restore power to the batteries for Light & Motion Sola 1200, 2000, 2100, 2500, NightSea, and Tech 600 dive lights with this Charger, which offers 8.4V of output power and a 2A current. One end of the cord features a 3-prong plug for direct insertion into the port on the light, while the other end has an AC adapter with a standard, 2-prong North American plug for insertion into an outlet in a wall or power strip. The charger runs on universal 110-240 VAC to allow for convenient, worry-free use all over the globe. It serves as a spare or replacement for the one included with your light.


Input Power 110-240 VAC
Output Power 8.4 VDC, 2.0 A
Plug Type 3-prong for light
2-prong North American for power outlet