Mares LED Transmitter Tank Module

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The LED Tank Module is a revolutionary device that allows you to easily transmit tank pressure to your Mares dive computer. With its innovative design, you can quickly and accurately estimate the level of gas in your cylinder.

Once mounted on your first stage, this module can be seamlessly connected to your computer. Its colour coded LED serves as a pressure gauge, providing instant feedback on your gas levels. The LED flashes in three different colours: green for over 180 bar, yellow at 100 bar, and red below 50 bar.

By using the LED Tank Module, your dive computer can calculate your real gas consumption in litres, optimizing your bottom time based on decompression gas supply. Plus, to conserve battery life, the flashing feature is automatically deactivated if there is no significant pressure change for more than 4 minutes.

The module is powered by a long-lasting CR123A battery, which can support between 150 and 200 dives, even in varying operating temperatures.


  • Transmits tank information
  • Coloured LED for a quick check of the tank on the surface
  • Coloured LED to signal low air situations to your buddy during the dive
  • Computer/probe pairing
  • EN2502014 certified to 300 bar
  • Battery typeCR123A, user-replaceable
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