Mares Pirate Junior Deluxe Silicone Mask, Fins, Dry Snorkel Set

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Color: Yellow
Size: Small/Medium
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Mares Pirate Junior Deluxe Silicone Mask, Fins, dry Snorkel Set

The Pirate Jr. Kids Mask is a High Quality Mid-Sized Version of the Mares X-Vision Mask with a smaller skirt for youth and teens faces. Durable travel backpack included for easy transporting to and from pool and beach.


  • Mask features all the Quality of the X-Vision Mask in a smaller size.
  • This Two Windowed Low Volume Mask gives an Excellent Field of Vision.
  • Mask Skirt is made from Silicone Rubber and has a Double Feathered Edge for a great seal on the face.
  • Mask has an easy to squeeze nose well that allows one handed equalization, tempered glass lenses, quick adjusting buckles, and is available in two color choices of Blue or Pink.
  • The mask uses a Wide Split Strap which further adds comfort and increases the seal to the divers face.
  • The Snorkel Design closes off the Breathing Tube when you submerge underwater keeping the water out while you explore the wonders of the sea.
  • Once you ascend to the surface there is no water to blow out of the Breathing Tube, just breathe in normally once you surface.
  • If any small amounts of water enter the Breathing Tube it quickly drains out of the Deep Reservoir below the mouthpiece which is equipped with a One-Way Purge Valve.
  • Features a soft and comfortable foot-pocket with quick release buckle system for easy removal and replacement.
  • HEAD offers a wide range of exclusive open snorkeling fins incorporating technologies and features proven in scuba-diving over decades and having made MARES the world's clear market leader in this category.
  • The Allegra Jr. Fins are an Open Heel Adjustable Strap Fin that comes in 2 sizes Small/Medium and Large/X-Large in Color Blue or Pink.
  • The Vented Fin Blade makes Fining for long periods of time easier and reduces the chance of cramping.
  • A Soft Foot Pocket adds comfort and the Wide Heel Strap with Pull Tab and Quick-Release Buckles makes donning and doffing easy.


  • Code: 480306

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