Mares X-Vision Ultra Liquidskin Dive Mask

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Color: Black/Grey
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The X-Vision Ultra dive mask features a new bi-silicone facial geometry for a better fit on various face types. The optimized profile ensures a superior seal, while the nasal area has improved small ribs for pressure relief and enhanced comfort during extended wear. The two-button buckle allows for easy operation, even when wearing gloves. The strap is made of bi-silicone, with a softer part for added comfort and a more rigid part for better stability and grip on the buckles. The mask is not only designed for hydrodynamics but also for aesthetics. The Gold and Silver models come with mirrored lenses, which not only enhance the appearance but also provide better light filtering in and out of the water. These lenses allow for excellent eye contact with diving companions. The Gold version with gold mirrored lenses is ideal for increasing visibility in murky water, while the Silver version with silver mirrored lenses helps reduce reflection in shallow water or sandy bottoms.


  • Ultra-clear face (clylwcyl model, clblwcbl)
  • Gold mirror lenses to increase visibility in murky water (gogrkgrk model)
  • Silver mirror lenses to reduce reflection in shallow water or sandy bottoms (sigrkgrk model)
  • New moulded bi-silicone face piece for improved fit and comfort
  • Hydrodynamic design
  • Small ribs around the nose to relieve pressure
  • 20% larger field of vision than the previous version
  • Bi-silicone strap shaped like an "x" shape


    Fit Regular
    Age Adult
    Weight 183g
    Internal volume Moderate
    Color Kit false
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