Ocean Reef 120cm Extraflex Quick Connect Hose

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The Ocean Reef Extraflex Quick Connect Hose allows for quick and easy connection and disconnection at the 2nd stage. The Ocean Reef Extraflex Quick Connect Hose made with a four layer technology with an inner layer of non toxic polyurethane blend, first reinforcement in polyester, thermo-rubber jacket and polyethylene external anti scratching reinforcement. The Ocean Reef Extraflex Quick Connect Hose is available in 32 inch black and 48 inch yellow. The Ocean Reef Extraflex Quick Connect Hose is also available in commercial grade which is mostly the same thing but with a screw down locking mechanism so that it can't accidentally be disconnected. The commercial version is only available in 32 inch black.

Color: Yellow

Size: 120cm/48"


  • Extraflex Quick Connect Hose 32?
  • Highly durable and flexible for high maneuverability.
  • 4 layer technology.
  • Internal coating in non toxic-polyurethane mix.
  • Reinforced external layer in polyester, thermo rubber.
  • Polyethylene finishing reinforcement.
  • Standard or Commercial w/ Lock
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