Ocean Reef Gamma Alpha

Ocean Reef IDMSKU: OR033105

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Format: PAL
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The Gamma Alpha integrates Alpha Pro X divers hardwired communication with video. The Gamma Alpha can receive audio and video from two divers.


  • 7 inch 16:9 color LCD monitor, brightness and color controls.
  • On/Off and speaker volume adjustment switch.
  • Speaker.
  • Microphone.
  • Switch for communication between surface & diver 1, surface & diver 2, surface & diver 1 & diver 2.
  • Headset port (headset optional).
  • Audio/video recall from divers.
  • 12V rechargeable battery + battery charger.
  • 2 plugs for audio connections to divers.
  • 2 plugs for video connection to two divers.
  • 3 video out plugs.
  • Underwater unit volume adjustment (for both divers).
  • Switch for the video: 2 positions to show the video of diver 1 or diver 2.
  • External power charger, 12V (cable optional).
  • Stand-by autonomy: 24h.
  • 1 professional surface/diver cable (50 meters, 165 ft. long) (can be sold separately). (code OR033134)
  • 1 underwater unit (alpha pro x divers uw unit) (can be sold separately). (code OR033135)
  • 1 video cable (50 mt, 165 ft. long) (can be sold separately). (code OR008575)
  • 1 CCD micro video camera (can be sold separately). (code OR008573)
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