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Oceanic Alpha 8 Scuba Regulators - Dive Regulator

Oceanic Alpha 8 Sport Regulator Main Features:The best price-to-performance ratio in its classDesigned to perform to the U.S. Navy's Class A standards at 198 feetInexpensive to maintainPaired with our SP-5 Sport Piston First StageOceanic Alpha 8 Sport Regulator Detailed Features:Best Price / Performance ratio in its classNot only is the Alpha 8 an economical buy for the diver on a budget, it is justas inexpensive to maintain. Standard replacement parts can cost as little as halfof those in other regulators in its class.Patented orthodontic mouthpieceTo further reduce jaw fatigue, the Alpha 8 features a patented Orthodontic Mouthpiece,designed to accommodate the natural overbite of the human jaw.Nitrox CompatibilityThe Alpha 8 is classified as being suitable for use with nitrox breathing gas mixturescontaining up to 40% oxygen by volume without the need for special preparation,cleaning or component parts.SP-5 Sport Piston First StageThe SP-5 offers all divers the opportunity to own a top-performing regulator atan unbeatable price. Repeatedly rated as the best in its class, the Alpha SP-5 exceedsboth Navy Class A and European CE standards. The Alpha SP-5 may have been the firstregulator ever used due to its widespread use in rental and resort operations.FEATURES & FUNCTIONSALPHA 8 SECOND STAGEValve TypeDEMANDAdjustmentBalancing SystemIntegrated Purge ButtonYESMouthpieceORTHODONTICNitrox CompatibilitySTANDARD TO 40%AmbidextrousIntegrated SwivelWeight (without hose)6 OUNCESDimensions (front profile)2.9 INCHESFirst Stage ConfigurationsPX-2/SP-4Minimum Cracking Effort1.1 CIW*Factory Set Inhalation Effort1.2 - 1.4 CIW*Work of Breathing1.23 JOULES (PX-3)1.47 JOULES (SP-5)Warranty2 YEARLimited Lifetime Service AgreementYES30-Day Satisfaction GuaranteeYESFEATURES & FUNCTIONSPX-3SP-5Valve TypeBALANCED PISTONUNBALANCED PISTONPrimary MaterialMARINE BRASSMARINE BRASSLo