ScubaPro Channel Flow Short Sleeve Rash Guard - Mens


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Enjoy all-day protection without sacrificing style wearing a comfortable short sleeve CHANNEL FLOW rash guard, available in a choice of new colors along with UPF 50 UV protection. Where individuality and high performance meet, the unique channel flow construction of the long sleeve CHANNEL FLOW rash guard features a one-way wicking design that pushes moisture away from the body and toward the surface layer where it can evaporate faster. The high quality polyester material and loose fit design enhance comfort and help keep the skin dry. This also allows the fabric itself to dry very quickly. High quality polyester offers nice hand feel and provides good color fastness - especially in the lighter colors. Polyester is comfortable yet durable, abrasion-resistant, and it does a good job of retaining its shape after repeated use. Engineered for performance, the short sleeve CHANNEL FLOW rash guard is perfect for before and after diving - and everything in between.


  • UPF 50 rating blocks 98% of UV radiation
  • Unique channel flow construction features a one-way wicking design that pushes moisture away from the body for maximum comfort
  • Stylish skin protection increases comfort during warm water dives and surface fun
  • Highly versatile - ideal for divers, snorkelers, paddle boarders, swimmers and other water enthusiasts too
  • Made of high quality polyester fabric
  • Loose-fitting design is both casual and comfortable
  • Material dries quickly to increase comfort between dives
  • High neck to decrease chafing from other gear
  • Slimming color panels and lines