ScubaPro Twin Jet Full Foot Dive Fins


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When it comes to having fun while finning in warm water, the TWIN JET FULL FOOT can't be beat. This lively kicker offers all of the performance characteristics of the adjustable Twin Jet but with a comfortable full foot pocket for barefoot diving. Employing what's known as "propeller technology," the distinctive split hydrofoil shape of the blade allows water to flow between and around each of the twin blades, which flex independently to produce propulsion. This creates a smooth and stable kicking motion that gets you moving without wearing you out. The soft foot pocket with extended soleplate makes for some comfortable kicking and total control. Slip your feet into a pair of TWIN JET FULL FOOTS and let the fun begin.


Fin Type Split, Full Foot
Material Monprene
Weight 3.95 lb | 1.792 kg
Activity Travel, Recreational
UPC 4048336367950

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