ScubaPro Women's Pyroflex Short Sleeve Rash Guard

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PYROFLEX 1.5mm short sleeve rash guards provide thermal protection with a revolutionary design and high-tech materials ideal for tropical diving, snorkeling or pool training. Made with water-repellant, high-stretch Everflex X-Foam neoprene on the outside and a combination of fleece and plush on the inside, these tops offer warmth, comfort and range of motion, plus they dry quickly. PYROFLEX rash guards help keep divers and snorkelers warm when spending long periods of time in the water, and they are also great for layering.


  • Advanced Thermal Protection: PYROFLEX 1.5mm short sleeve rash guards offer genuine thermal insulation, making them ideal for tropical diving, snorkeling, or pool training.
  • Innovative Design: Featuring a revolutionary design with water-repellent Everflex X-Foam neoprene on the outside and fleece/plush interior, these rash guards provide comfort, warmth, and freedom of movement.
  • Quick-Dry Technology: High-tech materials ensure quick drying, enhancing comfort during extended water activities.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for both divers and snorkelers, these rash guards excel in keeping you warm during long water sessions and can be effectively layered for additional warmth.
  • Total Comfort: With their combination of warmth, comfort, and flexibility, PYROFLEX rash guards are a must-have for anyone seeking superior aquatic protection and performance.
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