Seac Dx200 Ice Regulator

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SEAC DX200 ICE adds to the already well known, high performance DX200 series with maximum reliability in the most extreme environmental conditions such as ice diving. The balanced diaphragm first stage, in forged brass, small and discreet, is equipped with an ICE system that insulates all moving parts from the surrounding water. DX200 ICE guarantees total thermal protection as well as constant intermediate pressure throughout the dive, at all depths. The first stage has 2 HP and 4 LP ports at different inclinations for an optimal hose layout. The removable stainless steel valve seat can easily be replaced during maintenance. The second stage, with a high impact design, has an anti-scratch and anti-corrosion front cover. Both the Venturi and the inhalation sensitivity knobs can be adjusted to produce the perfect pressure for ease of breathing. These adjustment knobs are easy to set for optimal trim, even when wearing thick gloves. The OWS front cover design system prevents free-flow even in strong currents. Available with INT 230 BAR or DIN 300 BAR. All SEAC regulators are Made in Italy.


  • Top performance cold water-ready, balanced SCUBA regulator, DIN
  • Balanced 2nd stage inhalation and air-flow controls are easy to use
  • 2nd stage inhalation and air-flow controls are easy to use
  • HP outlets: 2, 4 LP outlets: 2 inclined at 20 degrees, 2 inclined at 30 degrees to reduce hose strain and drag
  • Removable stainless steel 1st stage valve seat extends service life
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