Seac Tajman Black Knife

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Size: 7.87 in
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The Seac Tajaman is a one-piece diving knife by Seacsub, made entirely of tempered stainless steel with a black protective teflon coating. It has a 95 mm double-edged blade, one smooth and one serrated, and also incorporates a line cutter. The Seac Tajaman easily becomes the perfect partner of every diver and freediver. The handle has a grip on both sides for greater safety and small holes along the grip to increase its lightness. The Seac Tajaman diver knife is sold with a practical sheath made of ultra-resistant fabric that can be secured by two practical straps (also included in the package).


  • Lightweight and practical, it is ideal as an underwater knife for underwater diving and recreational diving
  • Seac Tajaman is entirely made of tempered stainless steel with a black protective teflon coating
  • 95 mm double-edged blade, smooth sharp cutting edge on one side and serrated from the other. Line cutter at the base of the blade.
  • Handle with grip on both sides for added security and an eyelet where a retaining lanyard can be secured
  • The Seac Tajaman diving knife is stored in the ultra-resistant fabric scabbard which is hooked with two practical leg straps included in the package
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