SeaLife 10X Close-Up Lens

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The SeaLife 10x Close-Up Lens gives the Micro Camera Series (see SKU: SLFSL512 and SLFSL510) a focusing range of 6" to 24" (15 cm to 61 cm) underwater and 3" to 6" (8 cm to 15 cm) on land, allowing the camera to capture close-up underwater/land images and video. Reveal the details of a tiny coral shrimp or small anemone fish - the lens will bring the Micro Camera Series 13mp image and 1080p HD video capabilities to all the small details. The lens features a secure bayonet twist on mount for fast and precise attachment. The lens easily attaches and removes from the Micro Camera underwater, and includes a small lanyard to secure it to the camera while in use. Lens is made from optical glass, easily attaches to the cameras lens port and locks in place with a right twist. Lens is depth rated to 200' (60 meters).


  • Sealife 10x Close-Up Lens SL570:
  • Fits: Sealife Micro Cameras (see SKU: SLFSL512 and SLFSL510)
  • Focusing Range:
    Underwater; 6" to 24" (15 cm to 61 cm)
    Land; 3" to 6" (8 cm to 15 cm)
  • Depth Rating: 200' (60 meters)
  • Allows Camera to Capture Close-Up Underwater Images & Video
  • Reveal Details of Tiny Coral Shrimp or Small Anemone Fish
  • Lens Brings Micro Cameras 13mp Image & 1080p HD Video Capabilities to Small Details
  • Easily Attaches & Removes from Camera Underwater
  • Lanyard: Secures Lens to Camera
  • Optical Glass Lens Construction
  • Easy Install: Locks-in-Place with Right Twist