SeaLife Hand & Arm Strap


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With the recent announcement of the new Sea Dragon Mini 650 Underwater light, SeaLife has just introduced a must-have accessory for their compact lights or any tube-shaped light up to 2" (5.1cm) in diameter. The Hand & Arm Strap is ambidextrous, soft and comfortable, and can also be attached to the users forearm. Although this strap is very comfortable, it's also very stable for a steady beam when using spot lights like the Sea Dragon 650 (see SKU's SLF650 and SLF651). Hand & Arm Strap allows you to use both hands when needed and is very handy when hunting lobster or in photographic situations. The Hand and Arm Strap is made from durable nylon and nylon webbing with hook & loop fasteners to secure light and mount. The Hand & Arm Strap has taped and sewn edges for added strength and durability.


  • Sealife Hand & Arm Strap
  • Must-Have Accessory
  • Fit Tube Body Lights with 2" (5.1cm) Diameters
  • Great for Sea Dragon 650 Lights (see SKU's SLF650 and SLF651)
  • Comfortable Very Stable for Steady Beam
  • Excellent Choice for Hunting Lobster or Photographic Situations
  • Construction:
    Durable Nylon and Nylon Webbing
    Hook & Loop Fasteners, Secures Light & Mount
    Taped & Sewn Edges for Added Strength & Durability
  • Hands Free Lighting