Sherwood Oasis Pro Scuba Diving Regulator Yoke

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The Sherwood Oasis Pro is a revolutionary diving regulator that offers unparalleled comfort and effortless breathing. Its innovative valve design has been extensively tested and proven to perform exceptionally well in all conditions. With its unique Moisture Retention Vane, this regulator effectively captures exhaled moisture, ensuring a comfortable diving experience without any dryness. The larger diaphragm and purge cover further enhance the ease of breathing throughout the dive. Additionally, the diver-operated Venturi control allows for easy adjustment. The Oasis 1st stage is a dry and environmentally sealed design, eliminating the need for gels or liquids to seal the Piston 1st stage.


  • New Sherwood Oasis Pro
  • Comfortable and easy breathing in all diving conditions
  • Proprietary valve design tested in rigorous conditions
  • Moisture Retention Vane captures exhaled moisture
  • No more cotton mouth with this regulator
  • Larger diaphragm and purge cover for easy breathing
  • Diver operated Venturi control for adjustable settings
  • Dry and environmentally sealed 1st stage
  • No gels or liquids to seal the Piston 1st stage design

  • The MRV, dual Vane System uses two similarly shaped vanes; the lower vane is solid and the top vane has 5 moisture capturing vents. The moisture is captured between the two vanes and upon inhalation the moisture returns to the diver.
  • Free Parts for Life (Restrictions Apply)
  • This regulator is suitable for water temperatures warmer than 50oF (10oC).
  • 9000 1ST STAGE:

  • Four LP Ports and Two HP Ports
  • Environmentally Sealed and Dry. Minimal corrosion extends regulator performance
  • Flow By Piston
  • A2-DC Balanced Regulator
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