Spare Air 300PK-NDG Package - Nitrox with Dial Gauge


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The 3.0 Spare Air Nitrox Package is the preferred choice of Recreational Divers.  Designed to get you to the surface in the event of an emergency, yet small enough to not even know you are wearing it!

If you dive Nitrox, this is the SPARE AIR for you. It is the perfect addition to your Nitrox System, with quick and easy refills from your own Nitrox SCUBA tank.

Spare Air is the preferred choice of both professional and sport divers for a very good reason....It saves lives!  Self-contained and user-refillable, it is a total redundant back-up miniature scuba system.  In case of emergency, Spare Air provides you with enough air to safely get back to the surface.  Even if you never use Spare Air, it's always there as your backup. 



  • Package includes Spare Air, Holster, Safety Leash and Refill Adapter.
  • Provides standard 3.0 cuft. of air.
  • Refill your Spare Air in seconds from any full SCUBA tank.
  • Weighing just over 2 lbs, the lightest weight system on the market.
  • Priced competitively compare to similar systems. 
  • Comes with Dial Gauge.


Maximum Capacity 3.0 cu ft / 85 liters
Length 13.4" / 34 cm
Diameter 2.25" / 5.7 cm
Maximum Pressure 3000 psi / 207 bar
Weight (full) 2.2 lb. / 0.98 kg
Surface Breaths 57
Water Volume 27 cu in / 0.44 liters
Cylinder Material Aluminum - Black Anodized
Regulator Type Balanced Single Stage