Open Box Akona 7mm Mens Quantum Stretch Full Wetsuit


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Size: ML
Condition: Like New
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This 7mm 4-way super-stretch neoprene suit offers unparalleled comfort. It is meticulously crafted with glued and blind stitched seams both inside and out. The neck, wrists, and ankles feature a glide skin seal for maximum water resistance. The YKK #10 brass zipper is designed with dual rubber strips to ensure a watertight closure. Additionally, the low profile zipper flap provides extra security. The suit is easy to put on and take off, thanks to the reinforced pull loop at the base of the zipper. The AKONA glide-skin neck, wrist, and ankle seals minimize water entry and flushing, allowing for effortless entry and exit.


  • Entire suit made from 7mm 4-way super-stretch neoprene for extreme comfort
  • Glued and blind stitched inside and out
  • Glide skin seal at neck, wrists & ankles
  • YKK #10 Brass zipper
  • Low profile water sealing zipper design
  • Our unique zipper design utilizes dual rubber strips to additionally seal the zipper opening when closed, creating a water resistant closure
  • In addition, our low profile zipper flap folds over a closed zipper to further seal and secure the zipper in its closed position
  • The reinforced pull loop at the base of the zipper makes self-donning of the suit fast and easy
  • The new AKONA glide-skin neck, wrist and ankle seals minimize water entry and flushing of the suit
  • The neck, wrists and ankles of these AKONA wetsuits are flush-cut for this purpose
  • The extremely slick surface and flexible properties of the glide-skin material enable the wearer to enter and exit the suit with ease
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