Zeagle BC Repair Kit Accessories


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Sometimes a minor problem or accidental damage can make your BC unusable if you don't have the proper parts. This kit contains simple items that can get a BC operational again. Even if you don't install these components yourself, having them available for a technician if you or a friend have BC problems during a dive trip can get your vacation back on track. Except for the Zeagle Power Inflator Valve Module, the parts in this kit are universal and can be used on many makes of BCs.


The BC Repair Kit contains the following items

  • Three plastic tie wraps
  • Four cummerbund & accessory screw fasteners
  • RE (shoulder dump/Remote Exhaust) flat gasket
  • Zeagle power inflator Schrader Valve insert (used on Zeagle's Bx Inflator)
  • Three inner urethane bladder repair patches
  • One yoke valve o-ring
  • One DIN valve o-ring
  • One Bx coupler o-ring (used on Zeagle's Bx Power Inflator and Octo-Z inflator/octopus)