Zeagle F8 1st Stage Yoke with F8 2nd Stage

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Color: YOKE
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Zeagle’s flagship regulator. Environmentally and dry sealed.

The Zeagle F8 first stage, complemented with a flagship 2nd stage, is one of the best performing diaphragm regulators on the market today. 

When building the F8 Regulator, we partnered with Atomic Aquatics and engineered over 20 improvements on everything from inner mechanisms and materials to exterior controls and aesthetics. 

What’s the result? The F8 breathes better, works harder and lasts longer than any other regulator we’ve ever made. Our conical precision high-pressure valve provides greater reliability and service life compared to conventional designs, while improving responsiveness and performance at all breathing rates.


  • First stage has a dry-sealed spring chamber to stop freezing at water temps below 40 degrees F
  • First stage is coated with flat black chrome plating in order to protect the brass from corroding. A very durable black PVD is used to coat the high use port plugs, to protect from wear and tear and corrosion
  • Personalize your F8 for color style with a color kit
  • Front cover design with anti-surge and new stylized “Z” logo
  • Smaller mouthpiece with super soft silicone and color accented tear resistant “Bite” lugs
  • Exhaust valve with improved dryness and lower exhalation effort
  • Inhalation effort control knob for better grip and style
  • Threaded covering for improved safety
  • Heat sink with improved materials and greater surface area to dissipate cold
  • Zirconium-plated inlet tube for increased corrosion resistance
  • Inhalation diaphragm with improved response and tear strength
  • Redesigned front cover and inhalation effort control knob use co-molded components that provide grippy ease of use 
  • Co-molded silicone mouthpiece for better fit and less jaw fatigue
  • Redesigned poppet with improved tolerances
  • Patented seat saving orifice
  • Low pressure 2nd stage seat
  • 2nd stage spring made from super alloy
  • Made in the USA — Berry Compliant
  • Specifications

    DRY WEIGHT 2.6 lbs / 1.2 kg
    HP/LP 2/5 PORTS

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