Zeagle Pony Bottle Band Kit


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The Pony Bottle Band Kit attaches to the main tank bands without any tools. They can be added and removed without removing or altering the main BCD tank bands. The pony bottle bands use the same heavy duty webbing and buckles as the main tank bands on the Zeagle BCDs. This hardware ensures a solid, firm mount. The main cylinder can be added or removed from its tank bands without disturbing the pony bottle. Similarly, the pony bottle can be added or removed without disturbing the main cylinder. All of the straps can be left in place and folded tightly when the BC is stowed. These bands will mount typical 19, 20 and 30 cu ft pony tanks.


  • Twin straps
  • Heavy duty buckles
  • Mounts pony bottle or battery pack on any Zeagle BC
  • The bands can accommodate a 20 cu ft cylinder and mount directly to the main cylinder bands.