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The active diver and water sports enthusiast requires more than just a gear bag for camera equipment, you need a pack that travels well, is compact enough to fit into the overhead bin of small island-hopping commuter aircraft, and offer all the storage solutions that the active adventurer needs for their photo gear. The SeaLife Photo Pro Backpack features a waterproof interior, to keep surrounding compartments dry or to keep moisture out. The interchangeable, multi-compartment interior design fits photo gear up to a full- sized camera and housing, such as the DC2000 (see SKU: SLF740), several lights or strobes, one or two lenses, and batteries and all charging accessories.

There's a separate slot for a tablet or small notebook PC, and deep side pockets to accommodate a monopod or tripod. The internal compartments create secure, cushioned homes for your camera equipment. Easily movable dividers allow you to create the perfect compartments to hold your gear. Deep side pockets hold more photo gear or beverages. The SeaLife Photo Pro Backpack is made from durable ballistic nylon and PVC materials. The back measures (H x W x D) 15" x 10" x 6.5" (38cm x 25.4cm x 16.5cm), with an approximate volume of 975 cubic inches (16 liters). Backpack has zippered external closures with the main compartment opening a large U-shape zipper for total access to the internal compartment system.

External compression straps with squeeze-style side-release buckles help secure content from shifting and lower pack volume in transport. Pack has steel grommets for drainage on the bags base along with grip pads for stability. The adjustable padded shoulder straps with D-rings for accessory attachment come with an adjustable sternum strap for added stability for the long haul. Large rubber padded top grab handle makes lifting the pack easy and comfortable. The first zipper compartment measures (H x W x D) 13" x 10" x 0.5" (33cm x 25.4cm x 1.3cm), the inside first zipper compartments made of plastic for easy view of content measures (H x W) 7.5" x 7.5" (19cm x 19cm), the top mesh pocket measures (H x W) 5.5" x 10" (14cm x 25.4cm), bottom mesh pocket measures (H x W) 4" x 10" (10.2cm x 25.4cm) and two small pockets measure (H x W) 2" x 2.5" (5cm x 6.35cm). The second zipper compartment measures (H x W x D) 15" x 10" x 4" (38cm x 25.4cm x 10.2cm) and the laptop compartment measures (H x W x D) 11" x 10" x 0.5" (28cm x 25.4cm x 1.3cm). Built for total organization this SeaLife Photo Pro Backpack is built for the serious photographer.


  • SeaLife Photo Pro Backpack (SL940):
  • Active Diver/Water Sports Enthusiast Requires More-than-Just a Gear Bag for Camera Gear
  • They Need:
    Pack Travels Well
    Compact Enough to Fit Overhead Bin
    Small Island-Hopping Commuter Aircraft
    Offer Storage Solutions Active Adventurer Needs for Photo Gear
  • Waterproof Interior, Keeps Surrounding Compartments Dry to Keep Moisture Out
  • Interchangeable, Multi-Compartment Interior Design
  • Fits:
    Photo Gear Up to Full-Sized Camera & Housing
    DC2000 (see SKU: SLF740)
    Several Lights or Strobes
    One or Two Lenses
    Batteries & All Charging Accessories
  • Separate Slot for Tablet or Small Notebook PC
  • Deep Side Pockets to Accommodate Monopod or Tripod
  • Internal Compartments Create Secure, Cushioned Homes for Camera Equipment
  • Easily Movable Dividers Allow Creating Perfect Compartments to Hold Gear
  • Deep Side Pockets Hold More Photo Gear or Beverages
  • Made from Durable Ballistic Nylon and PVC Materials
  • Zippered External Closures:
    Main Compartment Large U-Shape Zipper
    Total Access to Compartment System
  • External Compression Straps w/Squeeze-Style Side-Release Buckles
  • Compression Straps: Help Secure Content from Shifting, Lower Pack Volume in Transport
  • Steel Grommets for Drainage on Bags Base
  • Bottom Grip Pads for Stability
  • Adjustable Padded Shoulder Straps w/D-Rings for Accessory Attachment
  • Adjustable Sternum Strap for Added Stability For-the-Long-Haul
  • Large Rubber Padded Top Grab Handle for Easy Lifting and Comfortable
  • Built for Total Organization
  • Built for Serious Photographer
  • Overall Dimensions: (H x W x D) 15" x 10" x 6.5" (38cm x 25.4cm x 16.5cm)
  • Approximate Volume: 975 cu. in. (16 liters)
  • Compartment Dimensions:
  • Plenty of Room & Organization
  • First Zipper Compartment:
    (H x W x D) 13" x 10" x 0.5" (33cm x 25.4cm x 1.3cm)
    Inside 1'st Zipper Compartments; (H x W) 7.5" x 7.5" (19cm x 19cm)
    Top Mesh Pocket (H x W) 5.5" x 10" (14cm x 25.4cm)
    Bottom Mesh Pocket; (H x W) 4" x 10" (10.2cm x 25.4cm)
    2-Small Pockets; (H x W) 2" x 2.5" (5cm x 6.35cm)
  • Second Zipper Compartment:
    (H x W x D) 15" x 10" x 4" (38cm x 25.4cm x 10.2cm)
  • Laptop Compartment:
    (H x W x D) 11" x 10" x 0.5" (28cm x 25.4cm x 1.3cm)