About DiveCatalog

About Us

DiveCatalog.com is a dive retailer based out of Orange County, California that has been serving the scuba diving community in the United States since 2012.  We have over $1 Million worth of inventory in stock and ready to ship through multiple warehouses across the US. By only working closely with the most reputable brands, we are able to offer competitive prices, shipping, and a flexible return policy.  Our relationship with our network of dealers allows us to provide you with the latest products, best prices, fast shipping, and flexible returns; all with a full manufacturer's warranty.  Ultimately, we want you to be happy with your gear as well as your shopping experience.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help divers get great deals on dive gear.  

Our Story

See how we have served the scuba diving community since 2003.  Over the years we have been involved in different parts of the scuba diving industry and is currently focusing on our B2C business. 


Nocturnal Lights made high powered LED dive lights, focus lights, video lights, and underwater camera mounts.


ShootingUnderwater.com was established to help underwater photographers and videographers with all of their underwater camera needs.


DiveCatalog.com was created to serve all scuba divers with a full line of scuba gear.  We offered our own line of accessories while working with manufacturers all over the world.


Wet Dog Scuba was set up as a dive center in Orange County, offering certifications, tank fills, rentals, and classes to our local divers.


We had consolidated all for the previous businesses to better serve our customers under DiveCatalog.com.


We launched our new site to serve the scuba diving community.  We will continue to add new features on our site throughout the year.