BigBlue 10,000 Lumen Video Light with Blue Mode Plus Remote Control - Black

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The VL10000PB-RCP is a 10,000 lumen remote controlled video light with a built-in blue light for fluoro-diving and built-in red light for sneaking up on your favorite creatures! This light is like having three lights in one as it has white, blue and red LED’s all built into the light housing. It also comes with a rugged TL-GLOVE for hands free mounting AND a 1? ball mount for easy camera tray mounting. Also included is the yellow plate which allows the fluorescent proteins to be viewed. As an added bonus, it also comes standard with a removeable yellow filter which creates a warm white (5000K) light. The white video LED’s are a powerful 10,000 lumens and a 120 degree extra wide beam angle. Other options included are the intense blue LED’s that are for fluoro-diving performance and the Red LEDs for sneaking up on all sorts of underwater life. The 120° beam angle is perfect for use with any underwater camera or for revealing sea life throughout the sea. There are no visible hard edges in any of the color settings which makes any video editing a breeze.


Package Weight 4 lbs


Beam Angle


Burn Time

2.5 Hours (Level III) 5 Hours (Level II) 10 Hours (Level I)

Color Temperature

6500K (Cool White)


-184 g (Including battery)

Light Source

15 x XML + 6 XPE Red + 8 XPE Blue

Power Source

Rechargeable 18650×4 Li-Ion Battery Pack


Dia. 55.4 x L.130.6mm



Housing Material

Anodized Aluminum Alloy

Maximum Depth

100 Meters Tested

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