Mares Abyss 22 Navy II Regulator

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Abyss Navy II First Stage The Abyss Navy II first stage is highly reliable even under extreme diving conditions. Equipped with high flow rate, pre-oriented DFC outlets. The regulator comes with a special kit for dives in especially cold water. This first stage is approved by the US Navy since it has passed the high standards required by the US Naval Forces. It was specifically tested on extreme dives (30 minutes duration, 60m depth, 62.5 l/min ventilation, -2°C water temperature, 6-minute ascent in both fresh and salt water, constant cylinder pressure of 170bar). Abyss Navy II Second Stage The Abyss Navy II second stage is covered with a special fluorinated polymer resin finish. It features a Vortex Assisted Design (VAD) system that enables a dynamic airflow, ensuring natural and easy breathing at any depth. The lid features the Mesh-Grid system to optimise water inlet and outlet flows, which offers further improved performance even during strong currents while diving. The Abyss Navy II second stage is reliable, durable and ideal for diving in the most extreme cold water conditions.


  • Material: All Metal Technology
  • First stage: Balanced Diaphragm
  • First stage weight INT: 850g / 30oz
  • First stage weight DIN: 685g / 24.2oz
  • Second stage weight: 269g / 9.5oz
  • Total weight (g) INT: 1337g / 47.2oz
  • Total weight DIN: 1172g / 41.3oz
  • High pressure ports: 2 HP 7/16” UNF
  • Low pressure ports: 1 LP 1/2” UNF port, 3 LP 3/8” UNF
  • Hose type: Rubber hose
  • Gas used: Air
  • Hose length: 80cm
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