Mares Avanti Quattro Plus Open Heel Bungee Strap Dive Fin

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Color: Lime
Size: S
Sale price$189.95


The Avanti Quattro + diving fins feature a blade length ranging from 37 to 39 cm, depending on the size. These fins have an open foot pocket and a unique four ribs design that allows for arching during the fin stroke. This design helps channel water in the opposite direction of motion, reducing pressure loss at the side edges of the fin and maximizing propulsive thrust. The Avanti Quattro+ fins are made with a new composition of material that enhances energy absorption and transmission. This material allows for better and optimized performance. With the special channel thrust system, these fins create a channel geometry that moves more water and generates more thrust with less effort. This makes them ideal for demanding divers who require high performance. The newly designed foot pocket of these fins has large perforations to prevent the "parachute effect" and the joints at the junction with the blade absorb kinetic energy. The blade itself has an extremely wide central flap, ensuring a strong channelling effect based on the Superchannel principle. Available in sizes S to XL, these fins come in six vibrant colors: yellow, blue, black, white, lime, and flamingo.


  • 4-channel design for more propulsion
  • Highly flexible material that optimises blade efficiency
  • Channel Thrust technology
  • Thermoplastic rubber foot pocket and "Tecralene" technopolymer blade
  • Stabilising fins"


    Material Thermoplastic rubber-Tecralene®
    Type Open Heel
    Blade length 38cm / 15in (size R)
    Blade Thrust Area 780cm² / 120.9in² (size R)
    Weight of single fin 0.9kg / 2lb (size R)
    Color Kit false
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