Panasonic Lumix G7 Underwater Camera Housing by Ikelite 6961.0 w/ Leak Sensor

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ShootingUnderwater Exclusive package includes Ikelite Underwater Housing as well as protection from water damage with the bundled Leak Sensor.

Get the control you need for great underwater photos and 4K video from your Panasonic Lumix G7 with the Ikelite 6961.07 housing. Larger controls and push buttons which are easy to access even with thick gloves have been placed, whenever possible, in a similar configuration as the camera. Control symbols laser engraved into the back of the housing will never peel off or fade even with years of use. The camera's large, super-bright LCD screen is viewable edge-to-edge through the back of the housing. A magnified optical viewfinder is included for a clear view of the camera's EVF underwater.

The front-loading camera mounting system makes installation and removal a breeze. The camera mounting plate allows ready access to the battery and memory card, and features a standard 1/4-20 mounting point for attachment to a tripod topside.

An integrated TTL circuit is fine-tuned to the Panasonic Lumix G7 flash exposure protocol for the most accurate exposure possible. The circuit is powered by the strobe for zero maintenance and no batteries to change. Exposure compensation in TTL mode is supported using the camera's built-in control. At this time, only Ikelite DS strobes are capable of powering the circuitry.

It couldn't be more simple to change ports than this system-just press the port on and tighten three thumb screws. Feel positive reinforcement that the port is secure with simple parts you can trust in a remote location.

Ikelite's brand new ABS-PC blend provides strength and corrosion free performance year with minimal maintenance. The specially formulated color deflects the sun to keep your camera running cooler, longer.

Sensor: The water sensor ensures there are no possibilities of damage due to water by visible and audible warnings.

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