ScubaPro MK25 EVO/A700 CARBON BT Dive Regulator INT with Mouthpiece & Hose Protector

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Color: Purple
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The premium MK25 EVO/CARBON BLACK TECH is a top-notch reg in SCUBAPRO's line, featuring advanced design and materials. The A700 CARBON's main casing is full metal, taking advantage of high heat exchange rate for cold-water diving. Its front cover is handmade from lightweight and durable carbon fiber. Teamed with the MK25 EVO, widely considered the gold standard in first stage performance, and finished with a DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) Black Tech coating. This muscle reg is ultra-durable and delivers exceptional breathing performance. Customize your look with color options for the regulator or use mouthpiece/hose protection color kits for easy mix distinction on tech dives. Made of PVC and compatible with SCUBAPRO second stages.


  • Handmade carbon fiber front cover, metal casing and metal valve housing (barrel) make for a rugged second stage able to withstand years of aggressive diving.
  • Carbon fiber is extremely lightweight and, unlike metal that can change shape when dropped or struck against a hard object, carbon fiber can resist substantial shocks without damage.
  • Metal case construction enables the use of a larger diaphragm inside a compact casing, increasing breathing sensitivity.
  • DLC Black Tech coating protects from corrosion and scratches and lends a technical look to the regulator.
  • Air balanced second stage smoothes out the inhalation effort when diving at varying depths and supply pressures.
  • User controls include a diver-adjustable inhalation effort knob and coaxial Venturi-Initiated Vacuum Assist (VIVA) switch.
  • Air balanced piston first stage in a Black Tech-coated brass body delivers consistent and effortless airflow, regardless of depth, tank pressure, or breathing rate.
  • With its patented ultra-freeze-resistant Extended Thermal Insulating System (XTIS) the MK25 EVO offers excellent thermal insulation by fully isolating the mechanical elements of the first stage from the cold, all without compromising breathing performance.
  • Anti-freeze protection radically increases breathing reliability when diving in the most extreme water temperatures.
  • Two opposing high pressure ports allow the first stage to be positioned either up or down.
  • Four high-flow and one axial super high-flow low pressure ports on a swivel turret maximize hose routing options.
  • External intermediate pressure adjustment enables technicians to fine-tune performance quickly and easily.


    2nd Stage Design Balanced
    1st Stage Type Piston
    2nd Stage Series A Series
    Water Temperature Cold, Temperate, Warm
    Connector Type INT
    Nitrox Mix Up to 40%
    HP Ports 2
    LP Ports 5
    1st Stage Materials Black Tech-Coated Brass
    2nd Stage Materials Carbon Fiber Cover
    Product Weight 2.8 lb
    Adjustable 2nd Stage Yes
    2nd Stage Valve Housing Material Metal
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