Seac New Samurai Apnea Knife

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Color: Black
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Seac Samurai is the practical underwater knife to carry always with you. The Seac Samurai knife has a total length of 5.9 inch with a blade of 2.7 inch in AISI 420 hardened stainless steel for maximum strength, the blade has one side flush and one serrated. The handle is available in 4 different colors: black, white, red and green. Seac Samurai is a very useful underwater accessory both during recreational dive or spearfishing dives. The sheath allows you to store the Seac Samurai dagger from both sides and secure it with a rubber ring for added security. The holster can be attached to the forearm with a Velcro strap (included).


  • 2.7 inch of tempered stainless steel blade for a total length of 5.9 inch; the Seac Samurai underwater knife can be hooked with a line, through the eyelet, for added security
  • Handle in 4 Colors | Seac Samurai and the practical diving knife available in white, black, red and green.
  • Safety attached | The holster of the Seac Samurai scuba knife is fastened on the forearm thanks to a Velcro band and allows to safely place the knife inserting it indifferently on both side
  • Wrist Strap and Simple Traditional Rubber Loop Knife Retainer
  • Blade: One Side Straight and One Side Partial Serrated Edge
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