Open Box Ikelite Digital Underwater Video Housing:Canon HFS20/S21/S200 Great for Scuba

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Molded of clear polycarbonate to provide seamless construction and corrosion proof performance. This Clearly Superior design provides full view of the camcorder, control functions, and assurance the system is safe up to depths of 200 feet (60 meters).

The camera's large viewing screen can be viewed using the External Mirror featured on the side of the housing. Included Image Reversing Circuitry "flips" the image in the camera's LCD so that its reflection in the mirror appears correct left-to-right. Camera microphone is disabled when Reversing Circuitry is turned on. The External Mirror is hinged to fold against the housing side for travel.

A magnified Super-Eye Viewfinder is provided for enhanced viewing of the camera's optical viewfinder through a diving mask. The camera requires that the LCD monitor be closed to use the optical viewfinder. This is a limitation caused by the camera, not the housing.

Controls for the LCD screen touch pad provide full access to setting white balance and white balance shift.

The base removes instantly with a unique toggle clamp for traveling or attaching of the optional Pro Video Lite 3 battery pack. The handle assembly detaches from the housing by removal of just two nuts for packing.

The housing accommodates Sony FV50, FV60, FV70 and FV100 batteries.

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